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Dude comparing Casino to Goodfellas is as heretical as comparing God the Father to God the Son. Oof Madone! permalink; embed; save; parent; report; give award; reply; xStaabOnMyKnobx 16 points 17 points 18 points 10 hours ago . Ace rothstein has the best wardrobe in any movie. Ever. permalink; embed; save; parent; report ; give award; reply; BFaus916 8 points 9 points 10 points 10 hours ago Comparing casino and goodfellas Tusk umfolozi casino entertainment Casino regulations under the bank secrecy act – wikipedia casino regulation has been a topic of debate, prompting the united states both of these situations are suspicious, as defined by title 31 regulations, and. Casino maisons laffitte – marchescom casino maisons laffitte horaires ouverture, téléphone, adresse, accès Goodfellas Quotes – ‘As far back as I can remember…’ by | Movie Quotes. Starring: Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino, Frank Sivero, Tony Darrow, Mike Starr, Frank Vincent, Chuck Low, Anthony Polemeni. OUR RATING: ★★★★☆ Story: Crime drama directed and co-written by Martin Scorsese, based on an adaptation of the non Kevin Sullivan (Team Goodfellas): If anyone were to deny The Godfather‘s status as a deserving classic, I’d be the first to tell him he’s dead wrong (like Carlo-dead), but when comparing it Just one of those great conversations that you expect from The Fellas Point of View. Subscribe to The Fellas Point of View Make sure you subscribe to The Fellas Point of View Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts at, also give us a 5-star rating and comment on the show. Follow us on Instagram at @FellasPointofView like our Facebook page The Fellas Point of View. Comparing and Contrasting Goodfellas and Casino. Martin Scorsese is, perhaps, the most controversial figure in American cinema of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The majority knows the filmmaker as a master of crime dramas, violent, spectacular, with black humor. Scorsese’s vast knowledge in the field of cinematography allows him to CASINO takes a different approach to the life of gangsters than GOODFELLAS, focusing on a specific period and setting with Vegas in the 70s, with Pileggi and Scorsese's script exploring how the For me Casino is a sequel to Goodfellas, like Empire to New Hope. Different stories in same universe. When compared to all other movies Goodfellas is best of the series, just like New Hope will always be brought up as best Star Wars. Yet in those respective universes Casino captures more and feels more lived in and fun then Goodfellas just like Empire feels better then New Hope. I prefer GoodFellas to The Godfather, but while both center on the Mafia, they're also quite different in many ways. First off is style. Coppola's is a slow and Operatic arc, espcially in the original 1972 film not even taking into account parts II or III.The characters are archtypal, and the story is essentially about family as much as it is about the Mafia itself. Problem with comparing Goodfellas to Godfather is there's 3 Godfather movies and 2 are classics. I'm a Goodfellas man but the godfather is very grand and realistic almost like a documentary where Goodfellas is more like storytelling if that makes sense... Casino is kinda like Goodfellas 2 but still very good. GF 1&2 are probably still "better" but id rather watch Goodfellas and Casino to

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